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Josatech Projects

Josatech Projects is a company that combines experience and craftsmanship to provide your company with automation.

Innovation, efficiencyand customer satisfactionare most important to us. Being aware of the latest innovations in the world of networking and automation is a must to deliver high quality work. This is also extremely important to be able to work efficiently. That is why we are investing in this.

We are always ready to provide more advice and assistance to customers if needed.

About us

50+ installations

We have more than 50 successful installations for various sectors in our customer base. We apply the know-how that we have gathered from these sectors on a daily basis.

More than 19 years of experience

We have more than 19 years of experience in the automation sector. We combine this experience with our knowledge to bring every assignment to a successful conclusion.

Personalized approach

Our approach is the same for small and large companies: very personal. In this way we can offer high-quality advice and solutions.

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HPE & Aruba partner

As a business partner of HPE and Aruba, you can also count on high-quality products and the recognition of our thorough knowledge of these products and services.