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IT Solutions

Network implementation suitable to your company with the futurein mind. This concerns the delivery and configuration of switches, routers, firewalls, access points and a remote access VPN for employees who work from home. In addition, we also provide servers, storage & backup systems. Are you only looking for hardware and software delivery so that your own IT department can take care of the installation? No problem!


Corporate Networks

A good network infrastructure is extremely important for companies in every sector. Via the company network you connect to the internet, your intranet mail and data servers, your internal storage and services in the cloud.

It is therefore important to properly set up this infrastructurefrom the start and to secure it with sufficient capacity for the future. We provide advice on choosing different types of switches such as access, distribution, aggregation and core switches, firewalls, gateways and access points.

For employees who work in a different location, secure VPN connections to the network resources are necessary.

Aruba Networks offers a wide range of products that are carefully selected with the necessary support licenses and options such as cloud management. Is your network smaller than 100 users and do you not have your own IT staff? Then take a look at the Aruba Instant On products in our webshop.


Servers and storage on the corporate network


Services within your company network run servers on location and/or in the cloud. For example, employees store their files in a central storage so that everything can be shared with colleagues.

Examples of these services are central data storage, domain controller, Windows Update Service, DHCP, DNS and VPN servers, specially developed applications for internal use, calculation tools, databases and CRM tools, web servers and intranet.

All these services must be accessible, guaranteedand secured24/7, 365 days a year. If you are the victim of a ransomware attack, having a good backupis critical to your business. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has a wide range of servers to run your services on. This ranges from single processor servers to multiprocessor servers.

Data storage (NAS/SAN)

For central storage of files, photos and videos for your employees, you can opt for a Network Attached Storage (NAS). It can also be used as a storage location for virtual machines and backups. For smaller companies, they are also used as block-based storage over the network with individual servers, but without the high redundancy of a SAN.

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a networkof storage units linked in a separate network with special switches. A Tapplication of this is mounting block-based volumes or virtual hard disks attached to individual servers.

This mainly occurs in very large companies anddata centers due to the higher investment costs for equipment because everything is designed double or redundantly. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has a wide range of storage solutions for every application and every budget. Ask for the possibilities without obligation and we will offer a solution that takes your budget and wishes into account.

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IT Solutions collection

IT Solutions with HPE Servers, Aruba Networks and Aruba Instant On for Small Business

It is important to use quality, robust and reliable network equipment in your company. Not only is this safer, but it also ensures that employees can work more efficientlyand face fewer problems.

Small companies

For smaller businesses up to 100 users and home offices, we sell and support allAruba Instant On products. We combine these with NAS systems and HPE rack servers in the DL100-300 series. The NAS systems can be HPE systems or, for example, Synology or Qnap depending on the budget.

For shared storage and server virtualization with limited performance, Stormagic is a good option in combination with VMware vSphere Essentials. For more performance, Simplivity 325 is recommended.

Big companies

For large companies we sell and support all products of the HPE Rack Server DL300-500 series and storage solutions such as Nimble and Alletra. For Hyperconverged Infrastructuresolutions for high-performance shared storage and server virtualization, Simplivity 380 is the best choice in combination with VMware vSphere.


Virtualization of servers and data storage

Nowadays many server applications are virtualized with VMware or Hyper-V. These servers or virtual machines then run on a network of individual servers or hosts. This has the great advantage that backupsare made Can be  while the virtual machine is running.

These backups can be easily restored in case of data corruption. The backup can also be restored to another host without having to reinstall drivers. For example, if a server goes into maintenance for firmware updates, the virtual machines are movedto the partner host without interruption.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure is the virtualizationof both storageand server units. The local storage of the server is virtualized in order to get a shared storage between different server nodes. As a result, in the eventof a hostfailure, the virtual machines are automatically bootedon the partner host.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has developed Simplivity for this. This can be built with a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 96 Simplivity hosts in a cluster or federation. Individual Simplivity hosts can also be configured from 7.5TB to 32TB.

This solution has integrated back-up software making the backup process only a few seconds. In addition, the data is stored efficiently so that it takes up less space than in a standard VMware environment. HPE Simplivity supports StoreOnce as a remote backup.

It is an all-in-one solution, ideal for edge deployments and VDI applications. This is a specific, scalable productthat we configure as desired. So you can start with a 2-node solution and expandit later with additional Simplivity hosts when needed. Ask for the possibilities without obligation and we will offer a solution that takes your budget and wishes into account.

IT Solutions network infrastructure
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