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Automating business processes is important to increase the efficiency of your business. Automation is also important for security and safety against unforeseen circumstances. We also make your production ready for Industry 4.0 (Smart Industry).

Industrial automation for businesses

Josatech Projects specializes in the automation & visualization of production and process plants based on the Siemens products Simatic PCS7 and TIA Portal. In the future, we will also support PCS Neo.

These Siemens products ensure that any software application is fully customizable. In this way, we can realize all your sector-specific wishes. There is a wide range of sectors in which this is possible. From chemistry to food such as, for example, the production of beer in breweries when a batch-controlled plant is used.

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Software engineering (PCS7 & PCS Neo)

Find out here how we can make your business more efficient by using automation.

These control modules are meant to control pumps, valves, and measurements. The equipment modules contain the stepsof PLC programs and freely programmable functions for process control. You can import and export these modules with Excel tools.

Process images are created that are fully in accordance with the P&ID diagrams supplied by the customer. These process images will show static and operating states of valves, measurements and customer-specific modules. This visualization ensures that your employees can safelyoperate the process more efficiently.

In the event of an alarm, a signal is automaticallytriggered. The operator should check it after the alarm and take the correct action. The alarm of components under maintenanceis automatically hiddenso that they do not report failures to the operator.

All measurement datafor short and long term process validation is storedfor future reference.

For example, when temperatures of tanks have to be checked at a certain time after a complaint from a consumer.

Reportscan also be generatedafter specific events or process steps in your production process.

Via an add-on library we can exchange data between the PCS7 system and, for example, S7-1500 controllers. In this way, the status of external process parts can be displayed on the process images.

These frequency converters ensure that the correct volumes of liquidsare pumped atthecorrect speeds through the pipeline to tanks or other storage units or to ensure the pressure in a pipeline network such as the transport pipeline of a water company.

Thanks to the gradual acceleration, you reducethe energy consumption in contrast to directly switched-on motors and avoidpower-on peaks on the grid. For Siemens Sinamics drives we use a standard library. this also savesyou on engineeringcosts.

Implementation of safety systems (failsafe systems) is necessary at certain process locations due to the processingof, for example, flammableor chemical substances. Or when safety for people and the environment is a risk during the production process.

These types of installations are required by the legislator to provide additional security to installations. Safety systems can be seamlessly integrated into Siemens products.

A standalone safety system is also available if you do not use Siemens automation for your processmonitoring.

Your process is divided into units such as process and storage tanks, piping networks, pumps. Thanks to the recipe-driven system, units can be allocated that are needed for the process at that moment.

After finishing a batch run, reports are generated with the necessary process data such as added amounts of raw material and temperature curves. This system is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certified.

This is often integrated with the batch control system, but can also be applied separately. This system organizes and monitorsthe transport of liquids and solids in complex piping systems. The route control system also uses an S88 format like the batch control system.

Updating/upgrading your PCS7 system to the latest version is a must if you want to work as efficientlyas possible and use the latest features. This also guarantees that you are always working with the latest versions of Windows operator systems such as Windows Server and Windows 10.

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Automation Visual

View the beer brewing process here and discover how we can help you with the automation.


PLC Controllers & HMI

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PLC Controllers & HMI

Get your production ready for Industry 4.0(Smart Industry). Would you like to keep up with the latest trends and thus optimize the efficiencyof your business? Then you need an HMI(user interface) and a PLC (programmable logic controller). Together, these provide controland automation of various processeswithin your company.

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Your partner in product sales

You can also contact us for the purchase of individual products such as CPUs, IO modules, software licenses and Simatic drives. When you have a breakdownor need a quick upgrade, you can come to us for all the parts. Please feel free to contact us to check out all the possibilities.

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